Alasdair Wreck Dive Strangford

A large motor yacht in Ringhaddy Sound, Strangford Lough. originally built for the aircraft designer Sir Thomas Sopwith in 1929. 
The Alastor was requisitioned by the Admiralty, then caught fire and sank at its mooring in Ringhaddy Sound in March 1946. The wreck is largely intact, and its sheltered location makes it an excellent beginners wreck (17-23m), although it can be quite a dark dive. Both the seabed and the wreck are teeming with marine life. Fish species which can be expected to be seen in the vicinity include large ballan and goldsinny wrasse, pollack, poor cod, congers, Yarrells blenny, gunnels and gobies.

Alasdair dive

Alastor Wreck