Discover SCUBA

If you are one of those people who have always wanted to try scuba diving but have never quite got round to it, then this is for you. Try scuba diving for the first time in the safe and reassuring environment of the swimming pool. Go on - take the plunge and try it now!

If you decide that Scuba is for you then you'll want to investigate some of the further courses we have on offer. There's something to suit everyone.

Medical fitness?

Before booking your session you will be required to fill out some paper work. Part of this is a self declaration medical questionnaire. This can be down loaded from the bottom of this page.  If you answer 'YES' to any of the medical questions or have any concerns you should consult your GP and ask for their advice.If they are happy for you to participate have them complete the full medical form.

What would I be doing?
Discover scuba is a one evening session during which you will be introduced to scuba equipment, listen to a safety briefing and be allowed to try SCUBA diving in the swimming pool under the supervision of an experienced professional.

Where does this happen?
The sessions are usually held in Ards Leisure Centre on Wednesday evenings meeting at 8.00pm on the poolside. You must book in advance. Please do not just turn up as there will be no equipment for you!

What do I need to bring / do?

Bring swimming costume and a t-shirt to wear in the pool.

Arrive at the swimming pool and explain to reception you are there to dive,  get changed and meet on the pool side at 8pm
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