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RYA Power Boat Courses

DV Diving is a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) recognised training centre offering tuition to suit all experience and ability levels. Before a powerboating club or centre can gain RYA recognition, it is inspected to ensure that certain minimum standards are met. Regular and spot inspections ensure that these same standards are maintained. RYA recognition is your safeguard that you will be taught by experienced qualified instructors in suitable seaworthy boats to the syllabuses given. Courses are available for groups and can be combined with other training courses.

The National Powerboat Scheme is applicable to sportsboats RIB's Dories and Launches and other boats which do not normally provide accommodation or cooking facilities. There is no lower age limit for powerboat courses but the RYA would not recommend under 16s being left in charge of a powerboat without adult supervision.

Level 1 provides a practical introduction to boat handling skills.

Level 2 provides the skills and background knowledge needed by the competent powerboat driver and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence.

The Intermediate Day Cruising Course covers practical use of pilotage and passage planning by day on coastal waters, using bith traditional and electronic navigational techniques.

The Advanced Day and Night Course provides the skills and background knowledge needed by powerboat drivers operating by day or night in known or unfamiliar waters, the skipper's role and boat handling in more demanding conditions.

If you are the driver of a high-speed powerboat you have a great responsibility towards other water users. The RYA Powerboat Scheme has been developed to advise you of that responsibility at the same time as training you to handle your boat in a seamanlike manner so that you and your passengers can all enjoy being afloat. Powerboat drivers sometimes attract publicity often through lack of awareness of the basic rules and customs of the sea You can help to redress the balance by courteous driving and by displaying a skilful approach to boat handling.